Explore our Datalab service, meticulously crafted by our team of economists and data scientists.

TAC ECONOMICS Datalab serves as a comprehensive repository, consolidating macroeconomic, financial, and sector-specific data on a global scale. It offers secure API access and receives daily updates. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates insights derived from TAC ECONOMICS’ AI models, encompassing risk ratings, alert signals, and forecasts.

Key features of our Datalab include:

  • Access to a vast array of economic and financial data sourced from national statistical offices, central banks, and international institutions.
  • Availability of TAC ECONOMICS’ exclusive premium datasets, comprising composite indicators, predictive models, ratings, and early-warning signals.
  • Effortless data importation into Excel, R, or Python through individualized secure API keys, alongside access to a dedicated platform.
  • Comprehensive coverage spanning over 200 countries, incorporating both national and international data sources.

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