A solution designed by our economists and data-scientists

Statistics, forecasts, ratings and early-warnings across 150+ countries by TAC ECONOMICS

The TAC ECONOMICS Datalab is an aggregator of macroeconomic, financial and sectoral data with global coverage, accessible via a secure API, updated daily. The Datalab also integrates the results of risk ratings, warning signals and forecasts from TAC ECONOMICS’ AI models.

What is the Datalab?

Economic and financial data

Access to data from national statistical from national offices, central banks and international institutions

AI models and data

Premium datasets including composite indicators, forecasting models, ratings, early-warning signals

Easy access via API

Import data straight into excel, R or Python effortlessly with a secure API key per user plus access to a dedicated platform

Global coverage

More than 200 countries covered with national and international information and sources

TAC ECONOMICS Proprietary Datasets

TAC ECONOMICS proprietary datasets

A large range of dashboards regularly enriched by our team

A solution designed by economists and data scientists to facilitate and simplify your access to standardized, reliable, quality data that are essential to your business


Use the datalab in your daily operations

Extract data on Excel to create graphs for internal communications

Implement a macroeconomic and financial watch on a set of countries

Integration of shock probability signals in financial markets for asset management


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