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Advanced Models, Macreconomics, Forecasts, Monitoring and Country Risk

Independent economic analyses on more than 130 countries based on advanced AI and econometric models

Country Risk

Country ratings, early warning indicators, crisis signals, political risk, cost of capital and ESG country scores


Activity, inflation, interest rate and currency forecasts for +100 emerging and developed economies and commodities forecasts

Global Economics

Macroeconomic analyses and global view, scenarios and economic forecasts, risk analyses and key bifurcation points

Financial Markets

Early warning signals on equity markets, sovereign and corporate spreads and risk of reversal using AI models

Customer Reviews

We strongly recommend TAC ECONOMICS to any institution dealing with the complexity of geopolitical, macro and country risk. TAC ECONOMICS is the perfect partner for global active asset management activities.

Bruno Crastes
H2O Asset Management, London
TAC ECONOMICS offer a very rare combination of the highest quality economic and financial research, in-depth knowledge of developing countries’ economic and political situations, and original and sophisticated quantitative modelling.
Olivier de Boysson
Chief Economist – Emerging Markets
Société Générale
We appreciate, in particular, the quality and the originality of their economical modelling and the relevance of their quantitative and qualitative analysis of emerging countries which has been very helpful to secure our developments in these countries.
Christian Labeyrie
Executive Vice-President and CFO
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