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TAC ECONOMICS provides regular analytics on the 18-month economic outlook for developed economies, mainly Eurozone, UK, United States, Japan (quarterly scenarios, monthly updates, weekly briefs), including forecasts on key indicators (GDP, inflation, interest rates…) plus a focus on key global economic drivers and oil prices prospects. The publications are combined with frequent interactions with the team (hotline, one-to-one presentation, prompt response to specific inquiries…).

Some insights from our last Quarterly Scenario for 2024

  • Anticipating a soft landing as economic activity gradually decelerates. A return to the inflation targets with an open question about the trajectory in 2025.

  • Central banks are poised to pivot, initiating an easing cycle in response to subdued growth and inflation proximate to their targets.

  • The Federal reserve is anticipated to begin the easing cycle in May 2024, followed by the ECB and the BoE in June 2024with overall 125 bp easing at mid-2025.

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