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Extract from our February Monthly Comments –
Country Focus on Argentina

  • Argentina embarked on a politically driven path of imbalances and crises over a decade ago. The situation deteriorated further since 2020, marked by successive challenges including COVID-19, agricultural production collapses, and heightened political tensions. In November 2023, the election of “right-wing libertarian” Javier Milei as President added another layer of complexity to the country’s tumultuous landscape.

  • The new administration’s swift currency and fiscal adjustments require a credible strategy to curb the FX-inflation spiral. This likely entails significant external financial assistance. However, these measures are anticipated to lead to another year of profound economic contraction in 2024.
  • While our country-risk metrics indicate a somewhat improved medium-term economic outlook, the current high level of short-term uncertainty, coupled with intense political polarization and social tensions, advises a highly cautious approach.
  • From our quantitative perspective, an Early Warning Signal was switched-on early 2023 for activity and possibly exchange rate shocks. As of end-2023, Argentina’s performances on our six Fundamental Balances were dismal, with only the Banking System showing some strength.

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