Meet our Team

Economists, Analysts and Data-Scientists

Our economists, analysts and data-scientists are recognised experts in their field. Most of them are engaged in academic activities with teaching assignments, usually at Master’s degree level, in their respective areas of specialization. They are also regularly solicited as Jury members for PhD dissertations.

In June 2023, Sandrine Lunven, now CEO, took over the position from Sylvain Barthélémy, who has decided to devote his talents and energy to the rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques. For this purpose, he created a dedicated company, Gwenlake, while remaining partner and technical advisor to TAC ECONOMICS.

Thierry Apoteker

Chairman Founder

Léa Dauphas

Chief Economist

Catherine Denis

Data Manager

Virginie Gautier

Data scientist & junior Economist

Béatrice Guillemot

Sales and Communication

Didier Liron

Data Scientist 

Morgane Lohézic

Head of Sales and Communication

Sandrine Lunven


Vivien Massot​

Senior Economist


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