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A large volume of economic and financial data and indicators, ratings and forecasts based on TAC models on 150+ countries

Currency, cyclical, cross-border payment and political risks for 100 developing countries and emerging markets

Macroeconomic analyses and global view, scenarios and economic forecasts, risk analyses and key bifurcation points

Early warning signals on financial markets and currency forecasts on advanced and emerging markets

Development of econometric models to assess the impact of climate scenarios on a set of macroeconomic and financial indicators at regional, national and international levels

Comprehensive design of country-risk measurement systems giving country risk ratings and risk assessments adapted to customer’s specific needs and risk exposure

A country risk assessment tool integrating environmental, social and governance risks with 100 different indicators to measure the components of our E, S and G measures

Comprehensive long-term scenarios from macroeconomic shocks / political assumptions on the client’s respective industry, market and competitors for large investment decisions


Understanding the geopolitical stakes of 2024-2025
Discover a unique and original expertise combining a conceptual framework and numbercrunching aimed at alerting, detecting and monitoring new geopolitical risks.
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Is your company exposed to currency risk?
Arbitrate your operations with our forecasting and currency crisis detection tools.
Our methodology
May: what you may have missed this month?
A selection of country risk, geopolitical and economic issues covered by our teams this month.
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"Failed States" seminar organized by CIFE
Identify reliable data to detect early warning signals of socio-political and economic disruptions in order to prevent regional destabilization.
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Smart Bourse - Does market behavior reflect an unstable equilibrium?
Key questions: Fed/BCE, timing and sequence of rate cuts, what impact on the eurozone? US presidential election: what scenario?
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