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Core Values

We have consistently built our development on three core values and ethical principles:

Aiming for the highest research standards

We are constantly involved in fundamental economic and financial research as well as quantitative developments through our academic and teaching activities, and remain abreast of new quantitative methods and theories, as we strive to be at the forefront of advanced techniques so to enhance analytical quality. Cross-checking, systematic intellectual challenges and independent thinking are central in our endeavors.

Building long-term trust and mutual confidence with our customers

We believe in complete honesty and transparency in our relations with clients, while maintaining the strictest rules for confidentiality on the work and research we do. Our aim is to be as close as possible to an “in-house” service while allowing customers to benefit from substantial economies of scale in our research.

Creating the most efficient team-work environment

We are convinced that the best research can be achieved only when researchers work in a highly motivated, strongly enthusiastic and rewarding environment. This is at the core of our human resource policies and it results in an exceptionally productive team-work capability.