Strategic Studies

Discover our expertise in strategic support for international development!

TAC ECONOMICS provides senior management with a critical background to large investment decisions, through comprehensive long-term scenarios unfolded from macroeconomic / political assumptions down to the customer’s industry, market and competitors. Our methodology is based on the following steps:
  1. Identifying key issues for medium- to long-term development, covering economic policies, political, demographic, and social aspects.
  2. Developing archetypal scenarios (2 to 5) to explore potential future developments and constructing quantitative models to analyze their impact on economic variables.
  3. Identifying Anchor Points, stable elements across scenarios, and Risk Areas, variables with significant variations, to offer a powerful background for strategic decision-making.
  4. Tailoring macro scenarios to specific industries through qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  5. Evaluating strategic options, including target valuation, cost estimation, and stress testing on corporate results.
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